Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Shabby Chic Projects

My 1st Makeover Project

My first makeover piece that I sold earlier this year. I purchased this piece on ebay for 1 euro-yes!! 1 euro-which was $1.53 at the time! We drove about 30 mins away to pick it up and disassemble it-my husband is convinced that the seller is the one who got the bargain-having 2 people come and haul it off for less than $2. I beg to differ- I got a super deal and no one can convince we otherwise!!!
So after months of sanding and painting, below is the finished product that a lovely young lady purchased and I hope is now enjoying! More makeovers to come, as I get the time!

My 2nd Makeover Project

I purchased 2 identical beds in France and redid both. I kept one for my daughter. I stripped the original finish and completely sanded it down

The footboard is unique with its curved feet and both head and footboard have carved flowers
The finished product-I added a shabby chic wreath applique and painted it in a soft, creamy off white color. After several coats, I then distressed it to give it that time-worn feeling

The headboard
The wreath applique


Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Wow, I love the finished product. And I'm very excited to see how your kitchen turns out. I love kitchen makeovers.

Maddie Dean Photography said...

Lovely! Can you come to Houston and help me redo my bargain furniture. I'm repurposeing a tv armoire into a sewing storage cabinet

Becky said...

I love the work you have done. You are so very talented, but then I have told you that many times! I mean it, you are!!

new every morning said...

Oh. MY!!!
That first makeover piece is AMAZING!
The finished product is stunning. I would buy it in a minute.
Do tell: was it a good profit for your hard work?

The bed is adorable, too.
Thank you, thank you for joining the linky party.
I love browsing your blog.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Wow...love both your projects! I could so see that first piece in a bedroom...what great storage! What a deal, too! The beds look great...you're good!!!

Jen r. said...

Love your projects ! They looks great! Jen

ann said...

That chest-china cabinet-side board,whatever it is.I am green over here and it isn't even St.Pattys Day yet.$1.53-WOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWhy not just give it away?I;m sure it was hard to get home.but it's awesome.I love it.and the beds are very nice,but i want the cabinet.baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,Ann

kimmcl said...

Whoever got that gigantic piece is exceptionally lucky. I would have been so tempted to keep it - especially after doing all that work! And I love the idea of adding the wreath applique to the headboard - very chic!

Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

Hi Chloe, I'm making the rounds of the paint party, just a few days late :o) The armoire is fabulous, and fabulously huge! And the bed is lovely. I'll be back soon to read some of your more recent posts.


Johanna said...

Wow...that huge shabby chic armoire/chest is unbelieveable. What an amazing job you did. Gorgeous!

Ingrid Fange said...

Wow! I loved your first makeover project!! Do you know what that kind of cupboards are called? Do you know what style it is, and in what time period such cupboards were made?

Vessna said...

love, love, love it <3