Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vintage Treasures

I haven't blogged in a while, but having 4 children now is definitely an adjustment!
Now that I am a mom of 4, the Lord gave me a peace about quitting my job and so officially on 10 March 2011, I will be a full time stay at home MOM!!!
Living in Europe is absolutely amazing, so now cutting our income in almost half will be quite the adjustment, however, I have found a way to help make up for some of that income loss. Not only can I make a little extra money; I am finally following my dream of buying and reselling furniture as well as restoring or redoing other pieces.
We are so blessed to live just 25 minutes from the French border and so 2 of my friends and I are making regular trips to buy quality pieces at great prices. I am also shopping on German Ebay and the deals are great!!! This is my dream job and if I make money at it great, but just being able to stay home with my baby is the greatest gift a mom could ask for!!! Below are a few of my treasures from just the last 2 weeks. I have to move my inventory quickly because a lot of the pieces are large and we don't have tons of extra space for them.
I love every piece I buy and they are super quality!!
This first piece was purchased off of German Ebay and this man was selling all of his Oma's things (Grandmother's items). It was a lovey piece, but also a little sad to think that this was used so much and it has a great history behind it and now it is no longer in that family. The lady that purchased it was very excited as her grandmother had a very similar piece.
This next piece is just amazing. It actually won 3 pieces that were very similar. This large buffet, a smaller matching one and a secretary. This were made in the 1930's in a local village not to far from here and all have the original oil paintings on the doors. The lady who bought this large buffet also purchased the matching smaller one and I am keeping the secretary for now as it is just lovely and a real treasure. The piece was so large, I had to keep it in my hallway!! Again another real piece of history. Check out the beautiful barley twist on the sides.

On one of my recent buying trips I found this vintage picture of Jesus as a child. The frame was just beautiful and the picture was obviously a real find!! The man who purchased this piece was so excited to hang it on his wall!!

So today my 2 friends and I, as well as their husbands purchased some amazing deals about 2 hrs into France!!! I am just in awe of this piece below. This vintage French bookcase/display cabinet is in pristine condition. My husband did some research and this style of cabinet was made in the 1940's. Again, this is another large piece that I could just keep and if it doesn't sell, then I won't be completely heartbroken. (It was hard to take a good photo without my railing in the picture!-Sorry)

The carvings are just beautiful and the wood grain is fantastic.

The doors open so smoothly and it came with the original key-just a lovely piece!

I also purchased this smaller french buffet today. I was originally going to paint it white, since I love white painted furniture, but I thought I would try and sell it as is just to keep my pieces moving. If it doesn't sell within the next week, I will totally put my shabby chic touch on it. In my next blog post I will share my most recent German find, all painted white!!

The wood on this piece is lovely as well and it is such a functional piece!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to get better about blogging more often, and especially sharing my new treasures. I would love to buy for antique dealers in the States at some point as we are in such a great area for finding top notch pieces at rock bottom prices!!!
Have a blessed weekend!