Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Antique and Flea Market in Wiesbaden

A few weeks back I went to the Antik Markt and Flohmarkt in Wiesbaden. I first stopped in at the Antik Market which was just fabulous, but it was VERY expensive. The delaers knew that people would come from all over so the prices were much more than I was willing to spend. After going to many brocante shops and second hand stores in France, I couldn't bring myself to spend so much.

It was however fun to look. I love that they hold the market in the parking garage. Even though it was beautiful outside, holding it inside would bring out shoppers even if the weather was bad. I must also note that it was a little dark inside, but that didn't stop anyone from buying!

I did purchase an antique bed from 1903. You can see the photo below, it was beautiful and I sold it within a few days!!

I next stopped in at the FLOHMARKT (fleamarket) about 10 minutes away and this was a gold mine!! I had such a blast and picked up some real treausres. I seriously love this part of living in Europe. Things that you read about on blogs are right there at your fingertips. We are headed to the Frankfurt area tomorrow for 4 new shops and this weekend we have 2 markets lined up. One is an evening market-ooh how fun! More to come!

Lots of fabulous furniture!!

Love these old clocks

I purchased that same piece (the thing with the glass cone) for flowers in France for 5 euros, and I love it!! I will never sell it! Here they wanted 30!

Love that french settee

The place where I purchased my bed

Next was the Flohmarkt in the REAL parking lot

My shopping buddy!

Love this Bavarian trunk -SOLD

Old German playset

3 demijohns-SOLD

My bed from the Antik Markt

A Kosmos Brenner Milkglass lamp! These are the original makers of the oil lamp!! Keeping this one

Picked up this handpainted rocking horse for 8 euros! Love it and keeping it!

Lots of Omas vintage linens!! *heart*

More linen-a man just bought this for his wife for Mother's Day! Sweet guy

Vintage Peter Rabitt-I sold this one right in time for Easter

It was a good day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

French Vanity with AS Chalkpaint

Love Missmustardseed and her inspiring blog. She introduced me to chalkpaint. Although quite pricey, it is totally worth it as there is really no prep involved in painting a piece. I have painted several pieces already and I can't wait to do more. I love how the french boudoir vanity turned out. First I started with Old White and then painted over it with Louis Blue. The vanity sold within a few days and I hope the buyer enjoys it!

Before photo of the French Boudoir Dressing table

And after........