Friday, January 30, 2009

Tea Time @ Tammy's @ 10

Where has the art of taking tea gone? Thankfully Tammy has kept the art of high tea alive and well here in Germany. One of the highlights of my week is TEA at Tammy's. I met Tammy over 9 years ago in Okinawa, Japan, when I went to her lovely home for tea. Little did I know, her tea put my in labor (well maybe not the tea), but I fell in love with tea at that point. In Okinawa, we had a tea room called "The Loop", it was altogether lovely. From Okinawa on, I have collected everything from teacups and pots to tea books. My absolute favorite book is pictured above. This book tells you how to prepare for a tea party, to making the perfect pot of tea. It is filled with ideas and recipes-this is a must have for any tea lover. I have taken much pleasure in the past hosting teas myself. When we lived in Louisiana, my friend Tanya and I hosted a tea with 53 ladies, it was just lovely. I need to find my pictures and upload them-those were good memories. I look forward to Thursday mornings- it is a time to be refreshed by friends. The conversation is divine, the cucumber sandwiches are crisp, the scones are heart shaped and the pot of tea is perfectly brewed.
By the way-God is so cool-He allowed Tammy and I to meet up here in Germany 9 years after Okinawa; too wonderful!

Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Tea cups
Step1) Add water to a kettle and boil. Pour a little hot water into your empty tea pot and swirl. Your brewed tea will remain hotter for longer if the pot is warmed before the tea is steeped in it. Pour out the water.
Step2) Now add the loose tea, on their own or with a stainless-steel infusion ball, or tea bags to the pot. Pour in the boiling water, cover the pot, and let steep for at least 3 minutes for small leaved teas and a little longer for the large leaved teas.
Step3) Before serving, stir the tea to give make it uniform in strength. If you used loose tea, hold a small tea strainer over each individual cup to catch the leaves as the tea is poured.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taking time to realize, "This is good"

So I had to have my car serviced this morning. I usually choose to wait, as to not disturb anyone or ask for a ride. Scott had off this morning, so after taking Trentan to german kindergarten, he stayed home to help Micah with his homeschooling. Guess who took Chloe? Yep, momma and daughter time. So the dealership was freezing, there was no way I could wait there for several hours. However, as I drove into town, I noticed the new Barbarossa Cafe. After dropping off the car, Chloe and I took a brisk walk to the new cafe. Totally trendy and wonderful! Cozy couches and dim lighting, perfect for the soon-to-be 5 hour wait. We took a corner booth at the top of the backerei (bakery) - and proceeded to have hot cocoa, pasteries, brezels (pretzels) and a yummy Big Ben sandwich (not all at the same time!) Of course Chloe did her fair share of roaming, what do you expect for a 2 year old? She is almost 100% potty trained so we used the restroom quite a few times! Loved the WC sink! In the midst of all that-I just sat back, read my magazines, played with Chloe, and thought again in amazement that "I live in Germany". Maybe not a dream to some-but one that I always prayed for. My husband said the excitement would wear off, and here we are 4 years later and I still have to pinch myself. I love it here! So I am thankful for a long service change this morning that helped me put it back into perspective how truly BLESSED I am!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We sold our kitchen today! It still makes me chuckle that a house here doesn't always come with a kitchen. We will not have our new kitchen put in until March, so we will have to grill and use the microwave, oh well, that is fine with me, less dishes that I have to do since we will of course use paperware. Rudi will come on Tuesday and Friday to take it all out and the new owners have a moving truck coming on Saturday. That will give us plenty of time to knock out the walls, put in a new ceiling, floor heating and all things electrical. I am quite excited, so we will see how the next month or two goes! Pictures are sure to come.


I love my new blog background and I have my good friend Allison @ Addie Designs to thank for it! She didn't just throw something together, Allison took the time to create a background that was just perfect for me and I LOVE IT!!!! I am so blessed to know Allison, not only b/c she is talented, but because she loves the Lord and she has shared her friendship with me! Thanks girl, YOU ROCK!!! Check out her link off to the side of my blog.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More kitchen stuff

Thank goodness for Ikea! So I am totally thrilled about my new kitchen plans and Friday is the big day-we sign the contract!! I pretty much got eveything I wanted except for my double white farm sink that was 1100 euro- YES!! 1100 euro at the kitchen store that is $1550.00! Yikes-for a sink? I couldn't justify it so I settled for one that was 268 euros-stainless steel-boring! Then the lightbulb came on-I forgot that Ikea sells the same design (not Villeroy and Boch of course) but the same look for 194 euro!!!! Guess where Andrea is going in the next few weeks? Well, I am actually going to France tomorrow to check out what they have at my fav home improvement store there-Leroy Merlin's. Just like a Home Depot-French style! We bought our white pedestral sink in France for 93 euro and it was 259 in Germany! France rocks! So anyways-one way or the other-I get my farm style sink!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Shabby Chic Projects

My 1st Makeover Project

My first makeover piece that I sold earlier this year. I purchased this piece on ebay for 1 euro-yes!! 1 euro-which was $1.53 at the time! We drove about 30 mins away to pick it up and disassemble it-my husband is convinced that the seller is the one who got the bargain-having 2 people come and haul it off for less than $2. I beg to differ- I got a super deal and no one can convince we otherwise!!!
So after months of sanding and painting, below is the finished product that a lovely young lady purchased and I hope is now enjoying! More makeovers to come, as I get the time!

My 2nd Makeover Project

I purchased 2 identical beds in France and redid both. I kept one for my daughter. I stripped the original finish and completely sanded it down

The footboard is unique with its curved feet and both head and footboard have carved flowers
The finished product-I added a shabby chic wreath applique and painted it in a soft, creamy off white color. After several coats, I then distressed it to give it that time-worn feeling

The headboard
The wreath applique

Das Kuchenhaus

This past Saturday was a great day!
My husband and I went to the "Das Kuchenhaus" in Kaiserslautern and sat down with a planner (a very nice gentleman-Herr Peter Weber) for our new kitchen!!! I am so excited; this is of course not a dream kitchen, but my Germany standards, I think it is going to be super nice. My handyman, Rudi (from the previous post) is going to be knocking out the doorway to create me and arched entrance and we have to take out the wall to the pantry to make my tiny kitchen a little bigger!!! My current kitchen is seriously like 7 x 7. When it is all said and done, I will have a 90 cm cooktop, 2 ovens, lots of counterspace and a shabby/antique looking kitchen, oh and of course floor heating! This all HAS to be done by 1 April as my family is coming for the first 2 weeks and Scott's fam is coming for the 2nd 2 weeks! No pressure. I am also putting in a tin ceiling-I love tin and you just don't see that anymore. Lots of photos to come of the demo and remodel. I have posted some pics of my current kitchen, you will then see why expanding is a must. It is not only small it is outdated--well not for long!

This wall is coming out-the sink will be under the window and we will have floor heating so bye-bye radiator!

I am looking for new italian flooring tomorrow in France!
The cooktop will still be on this side-but 2 times what we have now-Scott felt manly about his new range! The cabinets will go to the ceiling with molding at the top and the beams will be replaced with a brushed silver tin. And of course we will have electric run so that there is a beautiful crystal chandelier above the sink!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mayhem of my handyman!

On Friday, January 9th, my handyman Rudi came over to answer some questions about creating an arched doorway for my new kitchen. We are about to gut our old kitchen and start from scratch in just a few weeks if all goes as planned. So Rudi parked outside my house across the street-his typical spot.
We talked for a bit and then he left---just for a minute as he soon realized that his car was missing! He calls me Andre' instead of Andrea; so he says "Andre" my car is missing". I am in disbelief that such a crime can happen in my neighborhood and outside my house! I immediately get the phone to call my husband, of course I can not reach him, so I gave the phone to Rudi to call his Frau (wife). I continue to use my cell phone and walk around the house to find reception. I just so happen to look out our living room window to see the picture below! Yes! Rudi's car was in the field by my house.
I yelled to Rudi and of course we rushed outside to assess the situation. Now Rudi has a very mild personality and not much seems to bother him-well until now. In all seriousness he just stares at his car and says S**T. No emotion, nothing. I am of course laughing and apologizing for laughing-it was a nervous laugh. I just do that for some reason.
Anyways, by the grace of God his car missed 4 trees on the way down the hill and it was saved from going into the stream below by taking out 1 fruit tree and crashing into the hedge at the side of the lawn! To make a longer story shorter-his brother came over and jacked the car up a few times to get it out of the divets, therefore giving him the traction to drive across the field, up the neighbors driveway and back onto the road.
Poor guy! The bumper was broken in half and the left side rear lights were smashed. I of course called my other friends who have hired him in the past and pleaded on his behalf to hire him for some home projects-they said that is not a problem! Anyways, tha made my Friday interesting.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another award!

Thanks Allison for another award! Thank you for keeping me movitvated!
You are supposed to nominated another blogger who has a great attitiude; someone who can make lemonade out of life's lemons!

Therefore, I nominate the following blogger:
Joy @ Share Joy

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nothing beats a cardboard box

I love that my children use their imagination to take them places. Don't you remember taking a large cardboard box and flying it to the moon or making it into your castle? My kids had so much fun with this box that they even put pillows and covers in it to sleep. They had so much fun, they just dropped where they stopped! Ahhh to be a kid again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways-12 years Baby!

I love you.” In Japanese, “love” is “ai (愛),” and the verb form “to love” is “aisuru (愛する).” “I love you” can be literally translated as “aishite imasu (愛しています)“. “Aishiteru (愛してる),” “aishiteru yo (愛してるよ)” or “aishiteru wa (愛してるわ, female speech)” is normally used in conversation.

I can hardly believe that 12 years ago today, I married my husband Scott!!! Wow, who would have ever thought that after only 6 weeks of dating we would still be together 12 years later. It was quite a ride from the get go. We met and married in Okinawa, Japan. Both of us were in the Air Force and working in the medical field. I used to ask how you knew you met the person that you were meant to spend the rest of your life with and I was always told-"you just know". Now that is advise that I give out these days.

I truly believe that the Lord brought us together-for better and for worse!!! There have been plenty of moments when I even wondered if I had made the right decision-but I know with all of my being, that Scott Alan Noggle's heart was meant for me. From our first date taking pictures at the lighthouse to 3 children later-we have jam packed the past 12 years with lots of memories.

We did marry in a civil ceremony in Okinawa on January 8, 1997 (Elvis' bday!)however, Pastor Richard Noggle (Scott's father) did our reaffirmation ceremony on June 13, 1998 with all of our friends and family in attendance. Jan 97 was amazing, but our ceremony with the white gown was more than words can express. Our song "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" by Michael English was sung by Scott himself after we lit the unity candle. Scott has been blessed with a wonderful voice. I remember most moments from that day, but one that I will never forget is the look on my father's face when we saw me in my gown and our soloist singing "Butterfly Kisses" after my father walked me down the aisle. There was not a dry eye in the place. Thank goodness for videos and photographs.

With all of that being said-Happy 12th Anniversary to my love-Scott Alan Noggle, thank you for being a wonderful man of God and thank you for putting up with me as I know I can be more than a handful. You rock!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Greetings from the Noggle Crew

Though this post comes late, we want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Season. The best is yet to Come!

Taken 24 Dec 2008

A miscellaneous post-Chloe's New Room, our new travel tree and the Ramstein Weihnactsmarkt

This is a miscellaneous post as it was easier to do this than to make 3 separate ones. With the exception of base boards, curtains and some odd and end details, Chloe's room is complete. I will add these "After" pics to the home makeover section of my blog. I love how her room turned out, the floors are so great and they compliment the soft pink and white walls nicely.

Chloe's tea area and fireplace

Still trying to decide what to do with her garden arch-next year her room will definitely have a white tree
Chloe's french bed that I purchased in France for 8 euros and of course painted a chippy white

We decided to make our new area downstairs a travel area with all photos and sketches from our travels in black frames. Another one of my collections is Christmas ornaments from places that we travel, so it only seemed appropriate to put all of those ornaments on a tree- and here it is.
My newest tree-a travel tree for our travel room
Lots of memories are hung on this tree
On Sunday, 7 Dec, we met the Boyd family for the Ramstein Weihnachmarkt. Of course it was small, but it was nice to spend a lit time with some friends (pictured with Trentan is Heidi)
Ramstein Weihnachtsmarkt

First Christmas in our New House

I can hardly believe it has almost been 1 year since we moved into our new home (19 Jan will be 1 year)! The Lord truly blessed us with an amazing home and it has been an adventure being a German home owner!! This was our 1st Christmas, and I think it was just lovely!

Hauptstrasse 68-Nanzdiestschweiler
Another view of the outside
I love this lantern we bought at Hela, I think I will change the inside contents for the seasons

My old door with poinsettias in metal buckets and a sign that I painted "The Olde New England Sled Company"
The outside @ night
Up close of the porch
My pink room

A little blurry, but my buffet with pyramid

View from the dining area looking into the pink room

Getting ready for Christmas dinner with Ida

The tree on Christmas morn (look at Chloe's monogrammed toile rocker!)

Roses and dried hydrangeas made it into the tree this year and of course white pearl garland
I fell in love with mercury glass this year-I bought tons of it in Brugge! All my tea lights were in mercury glass-gave it such an elegant glow!
My foyer
My Christmas present from Scott- a beautiful doppel Schwimbbogen!!! It was all lit up downstairs in the man pit (our bar)! What a great surprise-isn't it lovely? The pyramid on the top part turns

Date Night!! Frankfurt Christmas Market- Dec 19

On 19 Dec (Friday), Scott and I got a babysitter and went out for a much needed night on the town. We headed to Frankfurt for yes, another Christmas Market-that would be #11 for the year). It was so nice not having to push a stroller through the vey crowded streets! Frankfut is actually a very nice city, we had only been there for the airport and nothing else. We even did some last minute Christmas shopping in Kauhof and bought some mistletoe to the living room:):)

The old part of town-the typical German style buildings were lovely

A beautifully lit tree in the old part

This picture didn't come out that great-but it was beautiful despite my photography skills

One thing Scott dislikes is asking perfectly nice strangers to take our photos-he thinks they are just dying to steal our not so expensive camera-so we did it ourselves

One of the beautifully decorated stalls

Me eating a very large, chocolate pretzel-that was a meal in itself
This wreath was so much prettier in person
Frankfurt Weihnactsmarkt 2008