Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dresser Remake

My friend Laurie purchased this dresser when they first arrived in Germany to give them extra counter space in their small German kitchen. Her husband mounted a butcher block piece on the top to make it more like an island. This dresser is SOLID!

When they moved back to the US, they were no longer in need of the piece so they gave it to another friend, who has had it in her garage ever since and now she was wanting it to be made over. There were layers of paint, but this piece has "great bones" so it was worth the work to refinish it.

After stripping with chemicals

Jump way forward to the end! Lots of sanding on the top (I sanded the top down smooth, but because of the butcher block that was originally mounted, there were 4 giant holes remaining and even with wood filler, it didn't do it justice, so I had a piece of thin wood cut to fit perfectly on top), painting, distressing and waxing

The finished piece! Love the color she chose and the knobs compliment the entire piece! (Don't mind the trash in the backround, we are waiting for our Junking in Germany Day).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MY MORA CLOCK-She arrived!

I waited for over a month to receive my shipment, but it was well worth the wait. After Mora clocks took the decorating world by storm, I knew it was a piece I had to own! I started my serious hunt for one and even shopped around while we were in Sweden last year, but shipping was crazy high and seemed impossible to find a shipper who would take it all the way from the Dalarna area in Sweden to Germany!

Now she is here and she is lovely! Almost a year later in my hunt for one, but I am completely satified. I knew when I bought it that I may paint it, and I still might do that, but for now, I am going to leave her stand in all her glory in my corner. Occasionally, actually more than that, I will find myself just staring at her!

I actually have a dealer that won one at auction for me, but I have to come up with the money to buy it before she will ship it!! She is going to hold it for me until then, which I thought was rather sweet! This one that will be coming is white already!!!! My brown one works, but it is quite delicate and touchy and I understand completely why most business put in a quarty movement, rather than the weights!!! I do like to hear her chime though.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

French Script Dresser

I purchased this dresser for $25. I knew it wasn't an antique piece, however I had a vision and thought the shell of thie piece would be just great!

I removed all the drawers and the crossbars for the drawers to slide on.

Painted it in a coal color and added the French Script all over the entire piece. I also had 4 pieces of MDF cut to fit into the spots where the old drawers used to be. Now it is a perfect piece for bath towels or baskets.

I like how it turned out and I can see doing another one, maybe on the front of a piece! It SOLD before I even had a chance to list it! What a Praise!

Have a fantastic, wonderful Sunday! God bless!