Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dresser Remake

My friend Laurie purchased this dresser when they first arrived in Germany to give them extra counter space in their small German kitchen. Her husband mounted a butcher block piece on the top to make it more like an island. This dresser is SOLID!

When they moved back to the US, they were no longer in need of the piece so they gave it to another friend, who has had it in her garage ever since and now she was wanting it to be made over. There were layers of paint, but this piece has "great bones" so it was worth the work to refinish it.

After stripping with chemicals

Jump way forward to the end! Lots of sanding on the top (I sanded the top down smooth, but because of the butcher block that was originally mounted, there were 4 giant holes remaining and even with wood filler, it didn't do it justice, so I had a piece of thin wood cut to fit perfectly on top), painting, distressing and waxing

The finished piece! Love the color she chose and the knobs compliment the entire piece! (Don't mind the trash in the backround, we are waiting for our Junking in Germany Day).


Anita said...

Love., love the new color!! Beautiful piece!

Megan said...

Love the color, too! Do you know if there are any junking days coming up? I can't seem to find a schedule anywhere!

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

Absolutely beautiful - Love it!