Friday, March 2, 2012

French Script Buffet

So, I tend to like large pieces of furniture. My hubby, not so much, but he has been a good sport about it. I fell in love with this piece, especially with the back that has 2 rows of grooves for plates. However, in all it's Belgian loveliness, I was ready to get this baby painted.
I have seen several black buffets, so I thought I would try that first, but I didn't like it at all! I thought it would then make a nice undercoat for the top color, so I gave that a whirl.

So after lots of painting, hours of distressings and even more hours of waxing, here she is in all her French script glory. I put French script on each door panel as well as the sides. I usualy strip the tops of my buffets and hutches, but I wanted to try something different, so I painted it in the same color gray that I did the script in.

French Gray Script on the sides

My lighting was not so great, but you can see the contrast of the gray top to the off white bottom.

Upclose doors

More door detail

Distressed top

Ready for purchase, however I don't plan on listing it on my regular sale sight, I am going to keep it for my May Vintage Market, unless is sells before then.

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Tracy said...

Wow, that is just GORGEOUS! I love the french script, it's lovely.