Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bathroom Renovation 2011

For the past 2 months we have been sharing our guestbath on the bottom floor.

I am excited to say that our bathroom renovation is almost complete!!!

I have put together an album of our renovation from start to finish and we are excited about the change. Andreas has done a fabulous job and I look forward to the other jobs that we will hire him to do.

The bathroom was not bad before, matter of fact to most Germans, it was a nice bathroom, however not really our style. Take a look at how our bathroom went from drab to fab. Our heated towel bar is being installed tomorrow and with a few minor touch ups and accessories, our bathroom will be ready for use.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!!

I do have to comment on my new built-in shelf. I found a bathroom photo in a magazine and liked it alot, so I did model my new bathroom after this photo. The magazine bathroom featured a built in shelf so waa-laa, here is my built in shelf thanks to Andreas!
I LOVE the new tile that looks like hardwood flooring! What a great invention, esp for a bathroom!

Andreas and his lovely wife installing the 80kilo glass wall!!

My husband picked out the HUGE shower head and bar, but I think it is going to be nice!

Scott and I picked out the old cabinet together and it is not 100% finished. It came with doors on the front, but he had a hard time stripping the old finish in between the cracks and grooves of the door, so we decided to paint the bottom a marble color and stain the top. I am going to hang a curtain rather than put the doors back on. I LOVE having my sink mounted on the top!!

I still have work to do on the cabinet once my beadboard arrives from AMERICA!! You can't find beadboard in Germany or in France; well atleast at the home improvement stores that we have been to, so when I found out that a friend that used to live here was coming back, I ordered 10 sheets of beadboard and had it put into her household shipment!!! So thankful for those perks!!! Also, the wall color is called Evergreen, but it looks more stone like in the container. Oh well, I actually like the color and it adds a nice contrast to the stone tiles!!

Don't you love the wires coming from the wall above the sink? We had Andreas run wiring for sconce lights, but do you think I could find any that I liked? German lights are SO ugly-no offense if you are German; I really love your country, just can't stand modern decor. We went back to France where we purchased our sconce lights for our bathroom downstairs, but they no longer carry them, so I am on the hunt. I wonder how difficult it would be to rewire some purchased from America? I like the ones in Restoration Hardware, so I guess we shall see!

We are also going to have an estimate on a new window, not sure why they put in privacy glass when this bathroom sits about 20 feet above the ground!!! Oh well, I can totally picture 2 smaller windows with some panes. One can dream right?