Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Vintage Market Photos and a Belgian Flea Market

On Saturday, I woke up early and headed to Homburg while it was still dark. Flashlight in hand, I began to scour the tables and ground for great deals and let's just say I came home with a car FULL of exciting things! Following the market, I met my hubby at HELA, the home improvement store across the street and we gathered wood and trim to build the fireplace surround pictured below. I love having a "handy" hubby who enjoys working with wood!

It turned out fantastic and it was so much fun to decorate. On Sunday morning, my oldest son and I hit the road for a FABULOUS market in Belgium-and NOT TONGEREN.

We arrived at our secret, Belgian location right after the sun rose and it was so beautiful! I like the TONGEREN flea market, don't get me wrong, but it is overpriced and Americanized and now after being here almost 7 years, we venture off the beaten path and do markets that are not generally well known and let me tell you, it PAYS off! I was told about this Belgian market by a vendor that I met at another flea market last month and he said it was a good one! He was dead on. Prices ROCKED! It was a little smaller than what I am used to, but that made it manageable and I didn't feel the pressure that"maybe I missed something". Check out my photos! I will certainly be heading back there next year!

If you come to my market in December, you will see 3 of 4 of these babies up for sale-I am keeping one!! Reclaimed Catholic school/church windows! Heart*Heart

I wanted to buy these HUGE frames so badly, but I ran out of money. 2 frames for 250 euro!!!! A steal! They were over 7 feet tall!

Beautiful castle that overlooks the city

Love this pottery barn style mirror for 10 EUROS!! I already bought 2 by this point! Crazy, awesome prices

Old kitchen table that I loved for 15 euros!

YES, can you see the 20 euro sign on it?? If my husband had been there, we would have strapped that baby on the roof! The table was GORGEOUS! I always strip the tops of my tables anyways, so that was certainly not a deterant!!

My trunk filled up! Found some La Lorraine preserve jars, old clocks, old French school posters (one of my favorite finds!) and of course the school windows, a corner chair and a very cool metal clothes basket!! Oh and 3 mirrors! A great day!!!! So my word of advise if you have been in Europe long, or if you are just getting here, don't go to the traditional markets, get off the beaten path and get yourself some real, European deals!

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Vintage Market photos and Miss Mustard Seed

So I have been busy setting up trees, painting, sanding, hauling, you name and I'm doing it!!! I am so excited to open up my home for this market. More photos to come.

Other items that are going to be available are a beautiful french farm table, boudoir style dresser, children's vintage chairs, french parlor set, large 7 foot mirrors, a handbuilt fireplace surround and of course Christmas decor!!! Bring your friends and come out on 3 DECEMBER to Nanzdietschweiler!!! See flyer on previous post.

In other exciting news, my husband was back in Virginia on business and was able to meet the famous blogger MISS MUSTARD SEED. If you have never read her blog you are missing out! He took a picture with her, but I have to upload it from his blackberry! I sent along a box of German goodies because she grew up here! She so kindly wrote about me on her blog!

What a thrill for me!! I invited her back to Germany for some wonderful European shopping, maybe someday she will come. Until then, keep reading her blog, she is an amazing christian and can paint the heck out of a piece of furniture!

Old barn linen by the yard! I have made several table runners for sale as well!!