Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I have been working on lately....

I haven't posted lately, not because I don't want to share all my furniture remakes with you, but I am so busy!!!! I am going to host a "Remnants of the Past" Vintage Holiday Market in my home!!! What better way to showcase all my wares tItalichan an open house? So not only do I have lots of furniture projects to finish, I also have home projects to finish!! Ahhh!!! I still have crown molding to hang in the bathroom and I was all set to do it until I discovered that I bought the wrong pattern to match what is currently hanging! No big deal, except, I bought the one already up from my favorite home improvement store in France!!!! Thankfully we are only 25 mins from France! My sweet family and I have to make a trip there later this week because I purchased some fabulous items last week and I have to rent a truck to pick them up!!!

Anyways, here are just 2 of many projects that I have done lately. Both pieces are sold, but I really, really thought about keep both of them! The ASCP (Aubusson) bench was such a hit that I found another bench, painted it and just sold it last week. The big piece is still in my living room because the lady that bought it is waiting until the movers come to pack the rest of her house to move back Stateside, before she loads it up! It will be leaving next week:( No worries, I just bought a 7 foot buffet from France to fill its place and that one I will keep to sell at my Vintage market! Anyways, enjoy! I will be back soon. Blessings.

One of my favorite pieces thus far. Purchased in France and I just love it!

The "after" painted in ASCP (French Linen and a mix of Country Grey and Old White for the detail work).

Until next time, happy painting and bargain hunting!