Monday, January 5, 2009

First Christmas in our New House

I can hardly believe it has almost been 1 year since we moved into our new home (19 Jan will be 1 year)! The Lord truly blessed us with an amazing home and it has been an adventure being a German home owner!! This was our 1st Christmas, and I think it was just lovely!

Hauptstrasse 68-Nanzdiestschweiler
Another view of the outside
I love this lantern we bought at Hela, I think I will change the inside contents for the seasons

My old door with poinsettias in metal buckets and a sign that I painted "The Olde New England Sled Company"
The outside @ night
Up close of the porch
My pink room

A little blurry, but my buffet with pyramid

View from the dining area looking into the pink room

Getting ready for Christmas dinner with Ida

The tree on Christmas morn (look at Chloe's monogrammed toile rocker!)

Roses and dried hydrangeas made it into the tree this year and of course white pearl garland
I fell in love with mercury glass this year-I bought tons of it in Brugge! All my tea lights were in mercury glass-gave it such an elegant glow!
My foyer
My Christmas present from Scott- a beautiful doppel Schwimbbogen!!! It was all lit up downstairs in the man pit (our bar)! What a great surprise-isn't it lovely? The pyramid on the top part turns

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