Monday, January 5, 2009

A miscellaneous post-Chloe's New Room, our new travel tree and the Ramstein Weihnactsmarkt

This is a miscellaneous post as it was easier to do this than to make 3 separate ones. With the exception of base boards, curtains and some odd and end details, Chloe's room is complete. I will add these "After" pics to the home makeover section of my blog. I love how her room turned out, the floors are so great and they compliment the soft pink and white walls nicely.

Chloe's tea area and fireplace

Still trying to decide what to do with her garden arch-next year her room will definitely have a white tree
Chloe's french bed that I purchased in France for 8 euros and of course painted a chippy white

We decided to make our new area downstairs a travel area with all photos and sketches from our travels in black frames. Another one of my collections is Christmas ornaments from places that we travel, so it only seemed appropriate to put all of those ornaments on a tree- and here it is.
My newest tree-a travel tree for our travel room
Lots of memories are hung on this tree
On Sunday, 7 Dec, we met the Boyd family for the Ramstein Weihnachmarkt. Of course it was small, but it was nice to spend a lit time with some friends (pictured with Trentan is Heidi)
Ramstein Weihnachtsmarkt

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