Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More kitchen stuff

Thank goodness for Ikea! So I am totally thrilled about my new kitchen plans and Friday is the big day-we sign the contract!! I pretty much got eveything I wanted except for my double white farm sink that was 1100 euro- YES!! 1100 euro at the kitchen store that is $1550.00! Yikes-for a sink? I couldn't justify it so I settled for one that was 268 euros-stainless steel-boring! Then the lightbulb came on-I forgot that Ikea sells the same design (not Villeroy and Boch of course) but the same look for 194 euro!!!! Guess where Andrea is going in the next few weeks? Well, I am actually going to France tomorrow to check out what they have at my fav home improvement store there-Leroy Merlin's. Just like a Home Depot-French style! We bought our white pedestral sink in France for 93 euro and it was 259 in Germany! France rocks! So anyways-one way or the other-I get my farm style sink!!

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Allison said...

isn't it great to find a good bargain! woohoo!

did you see the "shout out" that becca gave us on her blog a few days ago? (hers is lovely yellow ribbons)

I thought it was really sweet :)