Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Das Kuchenhaus

This past Saturday was a great day!
My husband and I went to the "Das Kuchenhaus" in Kaiserslautern and sat down with a planner (a very nice gentleman-Herr Peter Weber) for our new kitchen!!! I am so excited; this is of course not a dream kitchen, but my Germany standards, I think it is going to be super nice. My handyman, Rudi (from the previous post) is going to be knocking out the doorway to create me and arched entrance and we have to take out the wall to the pantry to make my tiny kitchen a little bigger!!! My current kitchen is seriously like 7 x 7. When it is all said and done, I will have a 90 cm cooktop, 2 ovens, lots of counterspace and a shabby/antique looking kitchen, oh and of course floor heating! This all HAS to be done by 1 April as my family is coming for the first 2 weeks and Scott's fam is coming for the 2nd 2 weeks! No pressure. I am also putting in a tin ceiling-I love tin and you just don't see that anymore. Lots of photos to come of the demo and remodel. I have posted some pics of my current kitchen, you will then see why expanding is a must. It is not only small it is outdated--well not for long!

This wall is coming out-the sink will be under the window and we will have floor heating so bye-bye radiator!

I am looking for new italian flooring tomorrow in France!
The cooktop will still be on this side-but 2 times what we have now-Scott felt manly about his new range! The cabinets will go to the ceiling with molding at the top and the beams will be replaced with a brushed silver tin. And of course we will have electric run so that there is a beautiful crystal chandelier above the sink!

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