Monday, January 12, 2009

Mayhem of my handyman!

On Friday, January 9th, my handyman Rudi came over to answer some questions about creating an arched doorway for my new kitchen. We are about to gut our old kitchen and start from scratch in just a few weeks if all goes as planned. So Rudi parked outside my house across the street-his typical spot.
We talked for a bit and then he left---just for a minute as he soon realized that his car was missing! He calls me Andre' instead of Andrea; so he says "Andre" my car is missing". I am in disbelief that such a crime can happen in my neighborhood and outside my house! I immediately get the phone to call my husband, of course I can not reach him, so I gave the phone to Rudi to call his Frau (wife). I continue to use my cell phone and walk around the house to find reception. I just so happen to look out our living room window to see the picture below! Yes! Rudi's car was in the field by my house.
I yelled to Rudi and of course we rushed outside to assess the situation. Now Rudi has a very mild personality and not much seems to bother him-well until now. In all seriousness he just stares at his car and says S**T. No emotion, nothing. I am of course laughing and apologizing for laughing-it was a nervous laugh. I just do that for some reason.
Anyways, by the grace of God his car missed 4 trees on the way down the hill and it was saved from going into the stream below by taking out 1 fruit tree and crashing into the hedge at the side of the lawn! To make a longer story shorter-his brother came over and jacked the car up a few times to get it out of the divets, therefore giving him the traction to drive across the field, up the neighbors driveway and back onto the road.
Poor guy! The bumper was broken in half and the left side rear lights were smashed. I of course called my other friends who have hired him in the past and pleaded on his behalf to hire him for some home projects-they said that is not a problem! Anyways, tha made my Friday interesting.

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Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

I found you through Becca at Lovely Yellow Ribbons and wanted to say Hello! I think this car story is hilarious...and the pictures make it even better.