Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My life in 1 month

My life can be pretty crazy at times, but most of the time-so wonderful! This past month has been no exception. What a whirlwind-but I wouldn't trade it for anything. So the month started off with a shopping trip-what a surprise.
A great group of my lady friends headed to France on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for some second hand shopping. Isn't the little cast iron table and chairs so perfect for a little girl's room? I thought to too!

Jenna, Lilly, Heather, Jill, Angie and myself had a super day buying up the bargains in France! We all came back with treasures.
One of several shops that we went to
Loved those doors, but didn't get them:(
Ate at the Les 3 Brasseur in Metz-yum yum
The food was awesome as well as the fellowship-Happy Belated bday to Angie!
One week later-flew to London to see the Phantom of the Opera-a surprise trip for Micah!
Got home Sunday morning from London, went to church and then later that night, celebrated Heather's bday with an awesome meal at Burg Lichtenberg! Such a beautiful castle just 15 mins from my house!
A nice man took our photo!
Gal time!
Friday night, Scott and I had a great date night-we went to dinner and then off we were to the Glenn Miller Orchestra-so good!A fantastic performance-we were in the 3rd row!
A little prview of our new kitchen-sorry, still waiting for that last bit of tile to be completed before I show it off!
Kitchen "almost" completed on Thursday-off to Metz, France with our awesome friends for a meal at "The Crocodile" on Saturday. We ate in these old train cars-so fun! Then went to Kiabi for some spring shopping.
Kinda pricey-totally worth it!

Parents arrived Monday-headed to Saarburg on Wednesday for a gorgeous afternoon of traveling fun!
Saarburg is a quaint little town with a small little waterfall and a lovely castle-Mom and dad are certainly enjoying time with the grandkids!
Micah, Trentan and Chloe on the castle steps
Micah climbed to the very top-can you spot him all the way up there?
A great end-to a great month-well this is April 1st-so, I guess this is a great start to another busy month!
This is my life-friends, family, church, travel, shopping, home improvement, homeschool, german school, work, child rearing,discipline, patience, LOVE and FUN!!!! (in no particular order:):)


Joy said...

Lotsa fun! :) Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!!!

jen said...

What wonderful photos!! I look forward to seeing your kitchen when it's all finished!!


The Stylish House said...

What a fun girl’s outing, and such great finds at the second hand shops! Your new kitchen is coming along nicely, white is always so cheerful. What great adventures you are having. At least I can live vicariously through your pictures! Take care, Cathy~

kimmcl said...

Sounds like a wonderful life to me!!!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Oh the memories! My niece Jocelyn took me to Metz when I was in Germany. Looks like you are having fabulous time. I loved the picture of you and your husband on date night. Loved the little sneak peek at you new kitchen. Lucky girl!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful life! Brilliant pics too.
Tracey x x x

Allison said...

Great photos :) Wasn't Saarburg so pretty?

DesignTies said...

Wow!!!! You really know how to have some shopping & eating fun!!!! :-D

The cast iron table and chairs are very cute :-)

I bet the Glenn Miller Orchestra was fab -- love that kind of music :-)

I didn't get any cute bags or chocolate paint when we went to The Chocolate Line. But I did buy a LOT of boxes of chocolate!! My very favourites were pralines shaped like swans. They came in a beautiful box that didn't have any info on it about what was inside. I was actually going to give the box to a friend -- but then I sneaked a peek and decided to keep the box for myself!!!

Kelly @ DesignTies