Friday, February 20, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

I wish to humbly thank Madeline @ Hydrangea Cottage ( ) for these 2 lovely awards! Her blog is completely inspiring and so to receive something from her is quite an honor!
These awards movitate me to keep blogging and to write about the things that I family, my faith, decorating and traveling EUROPE!!!I appreciate the generousity of these awards on part of the giver. There are many wonderful blogs out there and I can only hope to be apart of that realm someday! Thank you again and God bless!
I then pass these awards onto:
A fellow believer who is a lovely mom of 3, who is very talented-check out her blog!


Kathy @ Kathy's Red Door Welcome ( )

Another fellow believer who has shown me kind words in the comments that she has left me! Her blog is wonderful too!!