Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cooking in Tuscany

We have this wonderful little italian place inside of our grocery store where you can take a break from shopping and eat! Little did I know, this place-GOURMET ITALIA is owned by an italian family and they offer cooking classes in Tuscany!! My friend Angie just attended the class and she said it was wonderful. You have to find your own transportation there, but for $595 you stay at their hotel (Hotel Piccolo Mondo), you get all your meals included and 3 days of Italian cooking classes!!! From now until June there is no specifications on group size, however after that you must have 10 people to attend the class. My friend Lauren and I are in, and we each have a few other Frontline ladies in mind. I don't think it is going to be hard to get 10 ladies together to fly to Tuscany in August and on top of all that, take cooking classes from the professionals!! So in August or Sept which ever suits us all best, we are headed south for 4 days to learn the art of cooking "Gourmet Italia"


Tracy said...

Hi Andrea, Thanks for visiting me! Your blog is just fascinating, how cool is it to live abroad, I've never even visited anywhere outside the US! Love your junking finds, and good luck with the Italian cooking classes, I hope to hear all about it.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Oh I'm so jealous. How exciting to take authentic Italien cooking classes. One day I will go to Italy, I'm sure of it. Did you already take your trip to Phantom of the Opera? Just wondered.

Karla said...

Oh my goodness - I have dreamt of doing this for years! I'm super excited for you! Can't wait to see all of your pictures from the trip!!

Thanks for the compliment on my fireplace! I appreciate it! :)


DesignTies said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting on my hallway post :-)

Yes, we had all our floors refinished before I painted the hallway. It was a rough couple of weeks, but totally worth it because the "new" floors are a much better colour. Although with three dogs, they haven't stayed new for long!!

How exciting to be going to Tuscany to cook Italian!! I love Italian food...mmmmmmmm!!!! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

prof en retraite said...

Ohhh! I so wish I could say count me in!!! Sounds like fun! I'm so glad you stopped by so I could find your blog. Can't wait to read more of your adventures!!!...Debbie

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Allison said...

That will be a great trip! We may be gone by August :( I would have joined ya though!

The Schauble Family said...

I heard about that trip from my friend Jennifer who went with Angie... Sounds like fun... Maybe someday when I can rely on Andy's schedule. Have fun! Ciao

Rose Haven said...

Oh wow...what a lovely idea!!! I would LOVE to go...just to see how Italian Cooking Classes differ from what I learned from my Italian Aunt (married to my dad's brother) and her mother...years ago!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment!