Friday, February 20, 2009

Camping European Style

So I have to share some information with all of you about camping!! Yes camping! But before you say "Heck No" (like I said), just check this out!

One of the ladies that I work with led me to this wonderful site, and several others for camping here in Europe. It is called

Camping in Europe is totally different then in the States. This particular site list campgrounds all over France and Spain. In another blog I will give information on campsites all over Europe to include Croatia, Greece, Italy-you name it!!

So below are 2 places that we are going in the near future. The first is in Normandy. From 18-20 April, we are taking our in-laws there. My father-in-law is an avid history buff so thought it would be nice. Only thing about Europe is getting reasonable accomodations for more than 4 without breaking the bank. We have 3 children who could easily share beds or sleep on the floor,but it is never allowed. Now with "camping" we can rent little Cottage Bungalows for literally nothing.

We are only staying 2 nights in Normandy-but for all 7 of us it is going to be 130 euro (for 2 nights!!)

These cottages have living areas, bedrooms, baths, and kitchens!! So here are some highlights from around Normandy. Of course the beaches and bunkers from D-Day

We are super close to Le Mont St. Michel (see below)

Below are other pictures from "The Region" where we will be staying-the coast is gorgeous! Whenever you log onto the above website, you pick your region (and you can choose the English translation) and it will bring up all the campsites. Then it will show you what the camp looks like, activities for adults and children, the surrounding area, activies and costs!

Below is the pool on the campsite. Now you can pitch a tent and it is super cheap, but Andrea needs running water!!

We are staying at COTE DE NACRE

Below is a picture of the cottage where we will be staying

Oh yeah, and in 2008, the Normandy campsite built an outdoor icerink, so even in the dead of summer you can skate your heart out! How cool is that?

So every May we allow our boys to pick their birthday trip since Micah's bday is 28 May and Trentan's bday is 3 May. Since living in Europe we have flown to Spain (Porta Ventura), back to the United States and last year we went to Duinrell in Holland. Duinrell is another campsite with an amusement park!! Fantastic. We stayed for 5 nights and it was free to get into the park for 350 euro!!!! Unheard of for a family of 5. Check out

So anyways, we are going to Provence, France for 7 nights. Nothing but a big beach vacay!

Below is a picture from a secluded area where you can sail, jet ski, or just relax

We are staying at LE DOMAINE de COLOMBIER

Below is a picture from the campsite and it's lovely, lovely pool!!!

And the best part, the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL is going on when we will be there, so guess who is going to catch some shots at the Red Carpet? The small town will be swarming with celebrities-I can't wait!! Oh and the best part-7 nights-410 euro!!! I can't wait to scope out Provence!

So check out this site!! The places are amazing. Sure you have to bring your own food-or eat out, but you just can't beat the price!


Allison said...

That is going to be such a great trip....if you see Jennifer Garner, please let her know that I think she and I could be best friends. Thanks.

RĂ©mi said...

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