Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Boys' Bedroom 2012

I managed to find pictures of my boys' room before we did some renovations up there. This was taken after we ripped out the carpet. It is a HUGE room on the top floor. The entire top floor was a studio, however the previous owners built walls halfway up and divided the studio into 3 sections. This was the bedroom, the middle was an office and the opposite side (which is now Chloe's room) was a second living area with a bathroom.There used to be a half wall straight ahead, you can still see the slight indent in the floor, but we took that out to open the space.
Dry wall hung to close in the office space and bedroom space

Started priming the walls for new paint. I love the large windows, it makes for great ventilation!

Color on and new flooring laid! We chose to do a POLO themed room, I love all those colors for boys.
My hubby projected the image on the wall! LOVE IT! My oldest was born in 1999 and my middle son in 2004, hence the 2 polo numbers

We were given this awesome dark blue trundle bed which was perfect when it was just the 2 boys! I chose the patchwork quilt bedding in 2 different colors from Pottery barn.
These pictures above were taken about 3 years ago!! The baseboards were not finished at that point and so the rooms don't look exactly like this today, but pretty close. Just wanted to give you an idea of the space we have to work with for our built-ins this year.
So we have narrowed the choices for our boys bedroom down to 2.
Thanks to PINTEREST I have been able to find pictures to almost exactly match the look we are going for.This one below is great as it demonstrates the beds built into the slant. We want to stack the beds as above, but into the slant.

With 3 precious boys, we are looking to add a space that they can not only grow in, but enjoy!
I plan on posting pictures as we begin the process of building new beds. Since the first pictures above, we added another boy to our family, so our intention is to move my oldest into the office space upstairs (which is now a relaxing area with a tv and bookcases) and moving the 2 youngest into these built-ins! So excited. Keep checking back!

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