Sunday, June 12, 2011

Polish Pottery and The Blue Beet Root

Our church hosted a large Polish Pottery Event yesterday to benefit our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. It was such a huge success!!! If you have never shopped for Polish pottery then you were in for a real treat! This pottery is not only beautiful, but it is so durable and functional. Andy from Andy's Ceramics in Boleslawiec came to sell his pieces.

Here are a few photos on some of the items that were for sale.

There are so many wonderful patterns and these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are ever so priveledged to take a trip to Poland you will be in polish pottery overload. I have several different pieces from all different patterns. You can mix and match or stick to just one. The possibilities are endless.

I managed to come away with a very large salad bowl, a pitcher, an olive tray, cheese and cracker tray and a beautiful spoon that was specially made by Andy for the first 100 guests that arrived to the event!

See those long skinny trays in the middle, I bought one of those! They are olive trays that are just too adorable!

Another special treat was that Barbara from the Blue Beet Root

was here to tell about how she and her husband John, moved from London to Poland and purchased this 18th century barn which is now this fabulous B & B. Check out their website for pictures of the inside!!! So many of my friend's have stayed here! I took a trip to Poland when I first arrived in Germany, but did not stay here, however I can see a stay here in the near future. If you are ever in Poland, this is the hot spot!!!

I look forward to spending some time in Poland as well. Boleslawiec is not only a pottery town, but there are well preserved castles, fabulous shopping and beautiful sites to behold. Check out for all your touring needs! It is such a priviledge to live to close to so many different countries and experience their culture! Come visit Poland, you won't be disappointed.

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Jocelyn said...

Yep we stayed there, and I need to go back I think! :)