Sunday, February 7, 2010


Our 1st Supper Club Event
February 5, 2010

A girl that I work with would talk about this Supper Club that she and he husband do with couples that her husband works with. My husband and I did something similar about 2 years ago with 4 other families, but it died out when some of them moved.
In an effort to step out of our comfort zone and get to know other couples that we don't already know, we started our own Supper Club.

Rules are simple, we meet once a month and the host/hostess home is responsible for providing the complete meal for the other 4 couples. We rotate homes and take 2 months off a year so each couple hosts once every 5 months. It can be as simple or fancy as you like. Most important-NO KIDS! We all have children, but we agreed that we need at least 1 night a month for just couples!
Since this was the 1st month, we wanted to go all out! I had purchased a William Sonoma Paris Cookbook about 18 months ago and never took it out of the box. I thought this was an appropriate time to do so. I found the recipes I wanted to make and headed for France. How convenient to live right over the border. Friday morning came and I began my preparations. I started with the Creme Brulee. I bought 16 ramekins and a torch over a year ago and never used them until Friday. The Creme Brulee (my favorite french dessert) turned out WONDERFUL and I will be making it again very soon! (This was a photo before the brown sugar was added and caramelized)

This was my table setting for the evening. Very simple. I used my milk bottles that I purchased at Comptoir de Famille (once of my favorite French stores) and placed 1 tulip in each. I had ordered beautiful hand stamped french ribbon from etsy, but it never came in:( I purchased all my silverware at a second hand shop for 1 euro a piece (score!) and I used a simple white plate/black and white damask napkin and a white bowl for salad. Simple and elegant.
I also gave each guest a cone shaped box filled with French caramels and a rocher chocolate to savor after dinner.
There were supposed to be 10 total guests, but one lady's husband was flying and another lady's husband is deployed to Iraq and she stayed home because one of her children was sick-so that left 7 for the night! Still so fun!
I purchased this old silver tray for $2 at the thrift store and used my chalkboard paint in the center. I posted the menu for everyone to see.
I still have to find a place for my mirror that used to be in my bedroom, so for the evening, I just put it on the piano and placed some small treasures on it.
My old cabinet door that I bought in Bath, England. I change up the message on a regular basis.
Ahhhh, the beautiful roller and stuffed pork loin-it turned out FABULOUS!
Scott came home from work a little early to help. Here he is placing the endive and red pepper pieces around the loin to cook.

The guests are seated and we pray and begin to eat. I was worried about all the items that we made as I NEVER cook like this, but everyone kept saying that everything was just divine! I was so pleased.
From the left there is, Michelle, Teresa, Steve, Darryl, Debra and of course Scott and myself
Michelle was having a good time and enjoyed a glass of red wine with her meal!
And here is the gang! We had a fabulous night and I can't wait until March-Darryl and Debra have graciously agreed to be the hosts!
More SC posts to follow. **Disclaimer** Earlier in the week (Monday) I was diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis; was treated with one medication, had an allergic reaction to it and placed on new med; the infection is gone, but the redness remained, so by the end of Friday night my eyes were burning so badly and I could barely stay focused on anything; hence why I am squinting. Glad to say that today (Sunday) is a better day! Praise God!


Allison said...

my parents are in TWO supper clubs :) it looks like fun! you did a beautiful job, as always, with your decor!

BAHGL said...

What a brilliant idea!! I may have to consider doing this here!!
Thanks for sharing!

Pug1 said...

Fantastic!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! CHEERS! Michele

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

God is in the details and this is so true when viewing your lovely dinner. Everything looked beautiful. I see that you haven't blogged for a while, but I always enjoy seeing what creative things you are up to.