Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I thought about finding an appropriate poem to describe friendship and all that it means to me, but I decided to just speak from my heart. Even though I won't meet most of my "bloggers" in person, it is sometimes hard to bear your soul to complete strangers. I suppose it is just more humbling than anything, but Lord knows I need to be humbled.

I have never been that person who had tons and tons of friends. A lot of times and even still, my heart is broken over such things as not being the "one invited". On many occassions I will pour my heart out to my husband through tear-stained eyes, asking the questions "What is wrong with Me?" I am saying all of this because the friends I do have " I cherish and treasure". I get much joy from spending time with those that I call friends. A simple phone call lights up my world.
Last night I was blessed to have dinner with my wonderful friend Allison. Allison is a person that I have bore my heart and soul to, we have talked about everything, and I mean everything. We have laughed and we have cried. We share our joys and sorrows of work and marriage and everything in between. She is a rare and beautiful treasure and I am so thankful that the Lord put her in my life. My heart is breaking that she is leaving. We shared a fabulous meal. She went and picked lovely tulips from the blumen field just for me. Thank you again Allison for your friendship-I know that the Lord put you in my life for such a time as this!

When you have a person in your life that you can truly call as "friend" make sure that you tell that person how much you appreciate them! Love ya Allie!


Allison said...

aack! you are getting me all teary eyed! :) you are such a blessing :)

Lee Laurie said...

Such a sweet and honest post! I feel the same way sometimes. I think my best friend will always be my little sister. She is there for me no matter what and me the same for her. I am so thankful for her. We really understand each other like no one else can.